‘Gay’ lawyer charged for sexually attacking male court interpreter

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A Zimbabwean Magistrate has faced court for allegedly sodomising a court interpreter.

The Magistrate, Simbarashe Gundani, 30, reportedly attempted to sodomize Kudzanai Pesanai, 32, after the two had been drinking beer before they went to sleep at Gundani’s house.

Among his bail conditions, Simbarashe Gundani was ordered to stay at the given address and not to interfere with State witnesses.

The State alleges that the incident happened on November 20, 2021. According to court papers, Gundani and Pesanai had a drink at Chiredzi Show Grounds before the latter offered the complainant a place to sleep at his house.

The State further alleges that around 3:00 am Gundani woke up, he went to where Pesanai was sleeping and kissed him on the lips before pulling off his boxer short and sucking his penis without his consent.

Further allegations are that he then requested to have anal sex with Pesanai who then gave excuses until he left the house in the morning.

Pesanai reported the matter to Chiredzi Police leading to Gundani’s arrest, Masvingo Mirror reports.

Gundani was charged and granted a $5,000 bail by the Masvingo High Court.

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