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Empress Gifty Adorye has slammed Nigerian gospel musicians, agreeing with Shatta Wale that they do not repay the same love and support that Ghanaians have shown them.

This topic of Nigerian musicians’ support has caused a lot of trouble since Shatta Wale angrily attacked them all for not reciprocating the affection shown to them by Ghanaians and other Africans, and some individuals are still abusing him about it.

Empress Gifty expressed her displeasure with Nigerian gospel musicians, wondering when the last time a Ghanaian gospel musician was asked to headline an event in Nigeria, as we have done for them in Ghana.

She then went on to discuss how finicky Nigerians are talking about how they don’t even want to come close to them or even promote the show they are headlining here in Ghana but unfortunately, Nigerians are not ready for this discussion.

video below;

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