Delay fights Archipalago on social media for disrespecting Amerado

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Ghanaian media personality Delay has fought musician Archipalago over what she described as a disrespect to her rapper friend Amerado.

This comes on the back of Archipalago’s reaction to a news report detailing Delay’s admission to not having anything amorous to do with the rapper.

According to the 40-year-old Delay, she will start dating the next month because age was catching up with her…giving the impression that things did not work out with Amerado.

Reacting to the news, Archiapalgo intimated that Amerado was not man enough to be in a relationship, the reason Delay was searching for a man.

According to Archipalago, Amerado was a weak man with low self-esteem which rendered him incapacitated to be the man in the life of Delay. He described their social media lovey-dovey moments as ‘promo.’

He had written: Ah u paaaa u think that guy go fii run am…. I told you guys it was just for promo.. if you see somebody wey go fii run a somebody a you no dey see?? His confidence level was low

Reacting swiftly to the assertion by Archiplago, Delay warned him to stay off Amerado. She also advised Archialgo to look for a better person to pick on if that’s what he wanted to do.

She wrote: Archi, if you want someone to pick on, don’t target @Amerado_Burner You and I are from the same place, the trenches! Pick on me, let’s make this happen!

Amerado and Delay had given Ghanaians enough reasons to believe that they were up to something amorous. Their constant social media moments do tell a story of love brewing in the hearts of two adults.

Although the age disparity has been a focal point, Delay and Amerado had rubbished it and given many the impression that they were better off as lovers.

However, it appears, the two would not go beyond their social media shenanigans as far as their supposed relationship is concerned. Delay is already looking for love, which prompted the response she got from Archipalago.

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