Death spoils everything – Dag Heward-Mills pours his heart out over son’s demise

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Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Founder and Leader of the Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has finally poured his heart out following the demise of his first son.

David Dag Heward-Mills, who doubles as a doctor in the United States, passed on on Good Friday after battling a brief illness.

Addressing his congregation in his first preaching after his son’s demise themed ‘The grave is not the end’, Bishop Heward-Mills said the death has made nonsense of everything.

While managing to choose the right words to express his pain, he disclosed that his son’s death has created a funny environment.

“It [death] spoils everything. It brings a funny environment and it makes nonsense of everything. We always try to wish it further and further away but that is how it is.”

To those who have praised the Man of God’s strength while questioning his current mood, he has asked them to put themselves in his shoes.

“My son David just passed away. It spoils everything. You ask me am I sad? If you had a son who died, will you be sad? You should ask yourself that question,” he said.

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