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Carlo Ancelotti thought European Super League was a ‘joke’ and says Everton care about fans | Football News


Carlo Ancelotti says he thought the European Super League was a “joke” when it was announced and lauded Everton for being a family club who care about their fanbase.

Everton strongly condemned the six Premier League clubs who agreed to join the failed competition – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – which was met with fury by football fans all over the world before they subsequently withdrew.

Everton said they behaved with “preposterous arrogance” and were “tarnishing the reputation of our league and the game” while Toffees captain Seamus Coleman thinks his club captured the mood of football fans everywhere.

“My immediate reaction was they are joking, this is a joke!” Ancelotti told reporters on Thursday. “It’s a joke because it’s not going to happen. It’s impossible.

“Sport culture in Europe is different to American sports. Not because we are right and they are wrong, but because the culture of the people is different. In America, in the USA, sport is different. Sport is entertainment.


Everton captain Seamus Coleman says it was not the fault of the players at the Big Six clubs for the Super League proposals

“In Europe, we live with more passion. When we grow up, we want to beat our neighbours. We grew up differently. It is not sport [in the USA]. Football now is part business. But we need to take into consideration both.

“Football is a sport first. And then with a lot of investment, it also becomes a business. We need to take into consideration both. This is absolutely normal.”

Asked if he was concerned Everton might be left behind by the European Super League plot, Ancelotti added: “Everton is a family club, a club where you can feel the love of the supporter.

“Everton has a history of taking care of maybe more of its supporters.”

Ancelotti, who previously managed four of the proposed European Super League sides – Juventus, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea – said the 12 clubs should have consulted players, managers and football fans.

“For every supporter of football it was a strange day, a surprise,” he said. “We heard about the Super League in the past few months but I was sure it was not going to happen. What can I say? They were wrong.

“These 12 clubs were wrong. They did not take into consideration the opinions of the players, managers or supporters.”

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