Carjackers using Apple’s airtags to steal cars⁠

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File photo: Apple Inc.

Apple released AirTags in April this year. AirTags are tracking devices designed to act as a key finder, helping people find personal objects.

A police report in Ontario, Canada, says that crooks have been purchasing the AirTags and using them to steal cars.⁠

According to The NewYorkPost, “The suspects go about the crime by placing the easily missed tracking devices on the luxury rides in ‘out-of-sight areas’ while they’re parked in ‘public places like malls or parking lots.’ Then, once the unsuspecting owner has driven the car home, the thieves track the vehicle to the victim’s residence.”⁠

Once a victim is parked, carjackers then can track the car back to their residence and steal it straight from someone’s home.⁠

The New York Post continues, “Criminals are able to hack the vehicle’s ignition with an electronic device ‘typically used by mechanics to reprogram the factory setting’ before driving off from the victim’s driveway in their own car.”⁠

There have been five reports of carjackings since September associated with the high-tech gadget. There have been 2,000 carjacks reported this year.


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