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Media personality Berla Mundi has sent a quick PSA reminding us all to bathe ourselves in nkuto this season like our lives depend on it if you don’t want any cracked heels and body.

We all are aware of the harmattan season and what it does to the skin of most people and Berla Mundi decided to send a quick PSA to remind us of what is ahead asking we all bathe ourselves in nkuto.

According to Berla Mundi, no matter what you do, you have to try to avoid dry cracked heels this harmattan season therefore, bathe yourself in nkuto as your life depends on it to avoid cracked heels and rough skin.

This is an announcement to all of us as no matter how good you think your skin is especially your heels, it can’t withstand this harmattan hence it will be best if you just bathe yourself in nkuto.

screenshot below;

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