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Media personality Berla Mundi has got her fans rolling on the floor as she shows off her Caterrr watch trying to copy Nigel Gaisie asking them if they can see the watch on her wrist.

Nigel Gaisie in an old interview with Kofi Adomah bragged with his watch claiming it’s a Catarrr watch and it’s very expensive that the money could be used in taking care of some people.

Berla Mundi in an attempt to put smiles on the faces of her fans decided to imitate Nigel Gaisie by showing off her watch asking them if they can see her Caterrr watch and the reaction from them is just funny.

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Some tweeps replying to her post burst out with laughter warning her to be careful because someone might come for her or prophesy for her and we all know the person they are referring to is Nigel Gaisie who is probably the only man of God in Ghana with a Caterrr watch.

Tweet below;

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