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Nigerian females in the ashawo business have pledged to make themselves available to any man who comes to their corners tonight if the Super Eagles defeat Ghana in today’s WorldCup Playoff game.

Nigerian females in Kumasi have volunteered to give themselves up for free to  if they beat Ghana in today’s international friendly.

Fans from both Ghana and Nigeria are descending to the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja in large numbers as the game approaches in less than 8 hours.

While Ghanaians and Nigerians alike are adorning their respective national colours ahead of the game, Abuja has been transformed into a carnival-like environment in recent weeks.

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And from the look of things, these Nigerian females who were on their way to the stadium talked to the media seemed to be upbeat.

When asked whether they are certain that the Super Eagles would defeat the Black Stars, the ladies declare they are willing to give them their honeypot if that is to happen.

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The game will begin at 3:00 PM at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja.

The Video Assistant Review (VAR) system will be utilized to help the referees for the first time in an African qualifying match.

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