Amerado finally but subtly confirms he’s dating 39-year-old Delay 

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Ghanaian rapper Amerado has finally conveyed his truest feeling about media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

The 26-year-old Kumerican in a social media post has subtly confirmed that he is dating Delay and in effect corroborated all rumours and allegations.

Delay and Amerado have been showering each other with romantic felicitations on social media recently. Their posts do betray the concealed love they have for each other.

Amerado finally but subtly confirms he’s dating 39-year-old Delay 

Amerado in a tweet shared a few minutes ago, confirmed with love emojis that he is dating Delay. This follows a similar post shared by Delay where he accompanied a photo of Amerado with love emojis.

It is now, clearer than ever that Ameardo is dating the gorgeous 39-year-old Delay. Perhaps, it’s mere shenanigans.

Check out the post below:

Recent social media posts from the quarters of Ghanaian rapper Amerado and media personality Delay confirm that there is something amorous going on between the two.

Deloris Frimpong Manso’s recent social media posts give a preview into the relationship she is beginning to court with the young rapper.

Amerado (originally known as Derrick Sarfo Kantanka) has also given fans reasons to believe that he has accepted the rumours and hearsays that Delay at age 39 has taken his breath away and swept him off his feet.

Recent social media posts that confirm that Amerado, 26 is dating Delay, 39

The genesis of the lovey-dovey affair going on between Delay and Amerado began just this year when the former shared videos and photos on social media which suggested that she had found love at last.

Delay has been at the centre of mockery and ridicule because she had failed to settle down even at a relatively older age. She had promised that love would surely find her and it has become obvious that Amerado is the guy in the picture.

Delay and Amerado are dating and their recent social media posts confirm just that.

Earlier, Amerado shared a Facebook post with the caption: “Delay does not mean denial! Be patient- it will happen.” The caption suggested that he was assuring Delay of his love and promised her that her long wait for love had finally come to an end.


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