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Our very own daredevil Abena Korkor has suffered broken heart and she can’t still wrap her around how she was fooled because of love although she claims to be the toughest woman alive.

The mental health advocate has shared a cryptic message on Instagram to detail how her now ex-lover chopped her money after promising to stay by her side forever.

According to wailing Abena Korkor, the guy only loved her because of the benefits he was enjoying from their now collapsed relationship.

Her now-deleted post reads;

I miss you, my King, but you don’t think I am deserving of your love now.

“Why do I always go through heartache. Love is truly conditional. People will love and support when it is beneficial,”

It serves Abena Korkor to swallow a dose of her own bitter drug because she has been going around destroying the marriages of some prominent people in the country by accusing them of sleeping with her.

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