65yr old man with only three teeth takes to social media to hunt for a young beautiful lady to marry (Video) » GhBase•com™

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In the video, the man said he’s willing to spend the rest of his life with a new woman and he’s hoping someone would love him for who he is.

His toothlessness as seen in the video however became topical soon after the video started circulating widely on the internet.

In other news making rounds on Ghbase.com, there was pandemonium on the quiet street somewhere in Accra when a big snake almost like a python emerged and wriggled its way to safety while invoking fear in all those who were present.

The snake whose habitat was disturbed while a gardener was spraying a lawn in front of a plush house, quickly moved to a possible refuge as it was obviously frightened.

Those who were around including a policeman pursued it but the moment was fraught with much drama as the cop clearly chickened out after throwing one stone at the reptile and ran away.

One civilian aimed his pistol at it and shot twice but the defiant animal was untouched and moved towards a big gutter.

It was the heroism of none man wearing a wellington boot who brought the situation under control after hitting it with a big stick severally. Watch the full action here. 

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