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6 Factors the judge considered before giving her the 90-day jail term


Following Rosemond Brown alias Akuapem Poloo’s conviction and subsequent sentencing to a 90-day jail term, there has been a lot of discussions into the harshness or leniency of the sentence.

The Accra Circuit Court sentenced her to ninety days in jail after she pleaded guilty to three charges: the publication of obscene materials; engaging in domestic violence, namely conduct that in any way the undermines another person’s privacy or integrity and engaging in domestic violence namely conduct that in any way detract from another person’s dignity and worth as a human being.

For some legal practitioners, the sentence of a ninety-day jail is lenient given that each charge attracts fines and jail terms up to three years. Others vehemently disagree with the argument that the judge, Christiana Cann tempered justice with mercy.

According to judgement in the case( The Republic vs Rosemond Alade Brown (Akuapem Poloo), the judge considered six mitigating factors or extenuating circumstances before giving her the three-month jail term:

1.The fact that the accused person pleaded guilty to the offenses, thereby not wasting the time of the court;

2. The accused person’s apology on social media after the publication of the nude photograph together with her son;

3.The accused person’s show of remorse;”

The rest are:

4. The fact that the accused person has had no brush with the law;

5. The fact that the accused person is a single parent and a mother to a seven years old  child and

6. The fact that the accused person is the sole breadwinner of her family.”

These factors are what informed the 90-day jail term. Notwithstanding, lawyers for Ms. Brown have appealed the sentence, urging the Accra High Court to set aside the whole judgment, arguing that the sentence was harsh and not commensurate with the charges and the mitigating factors. It remains to be seen what the High Court will say, especially regarding the plea that Ms. Brown be granted bail pending the determination of the matter.

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